Themed Restaurants: How to Handle Special Events and Holidays

Sporting events are always a great way to draw in crowds to restaurants, but why not take it a step further and plan theme nights around popular shows and movies? Invite guests to dress up as their favorite characters and prepare a special menu that fits the theme. If you have television screens in your restaurant, you can also organize a special evening by screening a sequel every week. But where do you start? This step can be the most frustrating for some, so here are 30 of our favorite ideas for bar and restaurant events to get you started. When it comes to dinners and conferences, take note of Madklubben's strategy manual. They schedule regular conferences that include everything from true crimes to lifestyle advice.

And all this with a prepaid ticket to enjoy a 3-course menu to share and everything you can drink beer and wine (which always makes true crime conferences much more intense). A four-handed dinner is a type of collaborative dinner between chefs in which two or more chefs cook together to enjoy an unforgettable dining experience. From delicious dishes to expertly paired wines, the only limitation is the size of the kitchen. Organizing a charity event is a great way to engage with the community. Let's take the Barr restaurant as an example.

To support the World Wildlife Fund's campaign against forest fires in Australia, they partnered with other restaurants in Copenhagen (Iluka, Noma, 10) to create a tasting menu with dishes from each of the participating restaurants and wines from Lieu Dit and Rosforth & Rosforth. Whether you're looking for an event to fill your bar on a quiet night or an event to give guests something to talk about, check out this list of the 20 best bar event ideas that are sure to draw customers to your pub or bar. After a few successful singles nights, it will be time to organize an evening for couples. Games for couples, such as a fake dating show and 2-for-1 drink specials, are ideal for an evening where married couples or couples are celebrated. With a themed night in your pub or bar, your guests won't have to wait for Halloween to dress up.

From the neon of the 80s to the goat beards of the 2000s, theme nights are fun ways to fill your bar. You can even serve drinks from that time and offer prizes to the best dressed. Be inspired by the cocktail workshops organized by Gedulgt in Aarhus (Denmark). Here, guests learn how to prepare 2 different pre-selected cocktails.

As a complement, they offer a different package with snacks and snacks. While you can celebrate random holidays, such as Day of the Lagged (January 3) or the Day of Going to Work in Pajamas (April 1), we suggest that you focus on the holidays that people really know: Christmas, New Year's Eve, even Halloween and Valentine's Day, and don't forget seasonal drinks that match the theme. The restaurant introduced The Lodge at Lena's, a temporary experience that the team installed in a 4,500-square-foot space located above the main restaurant. While good food is a must, a restaurant owner or manager must still think of creative restaurant promotion ideas that guests will love. Instead of offering a unique restaurant experience for one night, they will offer a total of eight events at the two restaurants. Many groups of actors can organize an evening of mysterious murders in your restaurant, and you could set the mood for the food and drink served with the murder mystery era.

The restaurant offered breakfast with Santa Claus during brunch during the first two weekends of December, recalls Sherwin Levitis, the restaurant's chief operating officer. Sharing your restaurant's holiday promotion ideas on social media lends credibility to the fact that your restaurant is doing its best during the season. To inspire you to find the perfect restaurant event ideas, we've created the ultimate list of restaurant events. If you're looking for something that goes beyond a typical trivia night or two-for-one specials, check out these ideas for theme nights at restaurants that are sure to appeal to all types of audiences.

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