Choosing the Perfect Restaurant Theme

When it comes to opening a restaurant, there are many important considerations to take into account. From the kitchen to the location, and the type of customers you want to target, it's essential to do your research and understand the current local market trends. Even conducting surveys about what types of restaurants are attractive to locals can be beneficial. The concept of a restaurant is the general idea or theme that defines it.

This can be based on the chef's personal experiences or interests, such as heritage, local ingredients, traditions or family. It can also be defined by a chef's travel experience, training or interest in a certain area of art, science or culture. Food is a mix of all these things, after all!In this article, we'll explore the elements of a concept, provide some steps to help you make decisions, and even give some examples of restaurant concepts. Read on to learn more!

Elements of a Restaurant Concept

The first gastronomic theme dates back to Hollywood in 1933 with the Don the Beachcomber tiki bar.

This bar started with exotic alcoholic beverages to differentiate itself from the competition, and later began selling Cantonese food. After World War II, owner Ernest Gantt (who legally changed his name to Donn Beach) opened another traditional tiki bar in Hawaii with a South Pacific twist. A restaurant concept is more than just its menu design, service style, dining room decor and food style. It's about creating an experience for customers that will draw them in again and again. This could be through a location-based theme that attracts locals to enjoy their own dining experience on a stay-at-home getaway.

Choosing Your Restaurant Theme

Creating themed ideas for restaurants can be difficult, especially because there's a fine line between ingenuity and overdoing it.

It may sound boring and a threat to your big plans, but your budget will largely determine the theme of your restaurant. More specifically, a theme restaurant uses a general motive to attract diners and create a memorable experience. In major cities, your niche market for an entertainment-based gastronomic-themed restaurant could be your niche market in major cities.

Steps for Choosing Your Restaurant Theme

  • Research current local market trends.
  • Conduct surveys about what types of restaurants are attractive to locals.
  • Think about what type of experience you want customers to have.
  • Consider your budget when deciding on a theme.
  • Test out your concept for a certain amount of time before opening your permanent location.

Examples of Restaurant Concepts

  • Don the Beachcomber tiki bar: Exotic alcoholic beverages and Cantonese food.
  • Fast food restaurant: Designed for very hungry customers on the go.


Choosing a restaurant theme is an important part of opening up any eatery. From researching current local market trends to conducting surveys about what types of restaurants are attractive to locals, there are many steps you can take to ensure you make the right decision. With the right concept or theme in place, you can master restaurant marketing strategies and create an unforgettable experience for customers.

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