15 Fun and Ingenious Ideas to Make Your Bar Stand Out

Challenge your customers with a fun and engaging trivia night. Transport your customers to the moving world of jazz and blues. Start by planning some events you know you want to have, such as speed dating around Valentine's Day. Once you have some solid events that you know about, it will be easier to place smaller ones around them. Some bar events will also require more planning than others.

While speed dating would require a little more advance planning (creating a registration page, finding someone to be the presenter, and changing the table settings so that people move from place to place), a viewing party wouldn't require as much advanced work, as well as confirming what channel you need for the show. The key is to create a promotion that gets customers off the couch and away from their Netflix marathons. If you're ready to increase your bar's sales during downtime, here are 15 fun and ingenious ideas to try.

1.Circus-Themed Bar

Don't worry, the fact that Ringling Brothers recently shut down for systematically torturing elephants doesn't mean you can't enjoy the circus. Unicorn and Narwhal are two circus-themed bars in Seattle that offer you all the fun of the circus without feeling guilty.

Both bars (Narwal is located below Unicorn) offer carnival food, such as corn sausages and funnel pie, arcade games, clowns and fantastic cocktails like The Cereal Killer (Froot Loop vodka, rumchata, Sprite and Grenadine) and Fantasy Island (brown sugar bourbon, cream soda and orange soda).

2.The Lebowski Bar

There are a lot of movie- and television-themed bars, but our favorite is the Lebowski Bar. Located in Reykjavik (Iceland), it is adorned with bowling paraphernalia, Big Lebowski memorabilia and a shelf full of Kahlua fuel and vodka for the entire menu of the White Russian variation bar, including the classic along with many other creamy concoctions such as The Siberian (a Russian white milkshake) and Dirty Russian (topped with Pepsi).

3.Smuggler's Cove Tiki Bar

Although it's billed as a tiki bar, Smuggler's Cove looks more like an island hideaway. Tucked away on a small street in San Francisco, the bar specializes in tropical drinks and has more than 550 rums. Try classic Caribbean cocktails while surrounding yourself with decor that will make you feel as if you were being transported to an exotic island.

Let your mind run wild with pirate fantasies while you taste some of the best rums on the market.

4.The Lab Gastropub

As clean and bright as a scientist's lab, the Lab Gastropub offers a great selection of beers and wines along with tasty food. The open design and large windows allow the California sun to fill the bar with wonderful natural light. Be sure to visit it in the afternoon, from 4 to 6, to take advantage of everyday happy hour at this fun science-themed bar.

5.Trailer Park Lounge

It takes a lot in New York City to stand out from the hundreds of unique restaurants and bars, but the Trailer Park Lounge manages to be one of the strangest and most entertaining bars in the city. With a cheese genius inside a box of shadows along the wall, neon signs and Elvis posters, the living room couldn't be more kitschy, but it's all part of the fun.

Order some bags of cheese and chili and a PBR, which can come out in a plastic cup, and enjoy this unique experience.

6.Wilson & Wilson Speakeasy

Located inside the Bourbon & Branch private bar, Wilson & Wilson is a speakeasy hidden inside a speakeasy. This secret, detective-themed establishment serves daring and ostentatious drinks to the few who manage to get in. When you enter the Bourbon & branch, another secret door in the back will take you to this magnificent establishment. Once inside, you'll find the drinks menu hidden inside a file.

Be sure to order the 3-drink sample, which allows you to enjoy three exclusive concoctions.

7.Unicorn Bar

As unique as the mystical animal that gives it its name, the Unicorn bar is a carnival-themed dive bar that will take you for a walk. The featured dishes are delicious fried corn dogs and accompaniments with interesting names, such as unicorn balls and elephant ears. The colorful walls and wild decorations make for an incredibly fun atmosphere. After filling your stomach, you can have a special drink, such as a banana-shaped hammock or My Little Pony, and play some old arcade and pinball games.

8.Divi Theme Package

Divi is a best-selling WordPress theme that is suitable for a wide range of projects, and its bar template package will help you quickly launch a new website.

The Divi templates for bars and pubs have an elegant and modern design that fits most bar and pub sites. Plus, with the powerful Divi Builder that comes with the theme, customizing your site or designing new pages will be a breeze.

9.Restabook Theme Package

Restabook is a restaurant, bar and pub theme with an online booking form. Restabook's pre-designed content comes in two main varieties, light and dark. You'll have access to several templates for the home page, including designs that include sliders, videos, carousels, and more.

There are also several templates for publishing your food and drink menus, sharing a photo gallery of your facilities, and adding your location and contact details. You can also set up your website in one-page mode, displaying all your most important content in one easily accessible place. There will be a demonstration coming soon in the Restabook theme package which is useful for anyone who wants to establish an online presence for their bar or pub before their new website is complete. Your waiting page could include a countdown timer, a form for accepting subscribers to your mailing list, and a booking form that allows your customers to book a table before your entire website is ready. Thanks to the inclusion of WPBakery Page Builder in the Restabook package; you can easily customize your website as much as you want.

10. Tastyc Theme Package

Tastyc is a versatile WordPress theme suitable for bars and pubs. Designed for a variety of food and drink-related websites; Tastyc should be able to help you create an attractive website quickly without having any coding knowledge. The theme includes several pre-designed pages such as menus; contact forms; photo galleries; blog pages; shop pages; etc., so you can easily create any type of website related to bars or pubs without any hassle. Tastyc also includes several customization options so you can easily change colors; fonts; backgrounds; etc., according to your needs. In addition; Tastyc includes several plugins such as Visual Composer; Slider Revolution; WooCommerce; etc., so you can easily add extra features or functionalities without any coding knowledge.


These are just some of our favorite ideas for making your bar stand out from other establishments in town! With these ideas; you can create an unforgettable experience for your customers that they won't soon forget! So don't wait any longer; start planning now!.

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