Themed Restaurants: Popular Themes for Outdoor or Patio Dining

When it comes to decorating your outdoor dining area, the possibilities are endless. You can go for a nautical theme, a coastal-inspired decor, rustic wood details, or incorporate blue and light green tones. Live music is also a great way to create a festive, lively and fun atmosphere that will complete the experience. Fast-food restaurants have been extremely popular since the 1950s.

They are renowned for their affordable dishes, fast service, and convenience. The concept of fast food chains began with McDonald's and Burger King in the United States and has since become a global phenomenon. Nowadays, there are countless chains like Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC, Subway, etc. However, if you're venturing into fast food chains, understand that the initial cost of franchising will be quite high compared to opening your own restaurant. When you think of a fine-dining restaurant, you imagine well-dressed waiters, a three-course meal, crisp tablecloths, premium restaurant furniture, expensive cutlery, etc.

Fine dining restaurants are the pinnacle of luxury and have the best of everything: ambience, food and service. Probably the most expensive type of restaurant you can manage, fine-dining restaurants are famous for their unique concept. Buffet-style food has been around for years and is still the preferred option for many restaurant customers. Buffet restaurants usually offer a self-service of several dishes arranged on a table. In addition, many buffet restaurants offer catering services for special occasions and events. A pop-up restaurant is another trending concept in the hospitality industry.

With a history dating back to the 1960s, pop-up restaurants aren't a new concept. However, the emerging restaurants of the new era are nourished by surprise as they appear in unusual places such as abandoned warehouses, factories or rooftops. Pop-up restaurants have different themes and don't require a significant investment. Regardless of the theme you select for your restaurant, make sure that all design elements are consistent and reflect your theme. Instead of taking into account different aspects such as menu design, restaurant furniture, interior design, uniform, dishes etc., focus on getting all elements right.

Even if you get nine out of ten things perfect guests will notice one thing you didn't excel at. Always look for a restaurant theme that matches the ambience and dining style of your restaurant. Some of the best topics are Popup restaurants, Fast Casual Cafés or Bistros etc. Use fiberglass planters, cozy outdoor furniture and seating arrangements to create a cozy environment that your guests will find difficult to leave. Outdoor waiting areas work well even in winter months if you use fire pits and stoves. To cover lounge-style sofas consider using a square patio umbrella.

Available in sizes up to 12 feet this awning design has a crank system to change the height angle and is available in red turquoise and tan. If you're looking for a fun theme idea for dinner that requires little effort but yields big rewards choose a menu theme that's truly interactive. The theme of these restaurants revolves around a historic event and is based on understanding its roots. A well-planned theme restaurant excels in every department from restaurant furniture to menu design from music to kitchen and more. Themed restaurants have the potential to generate greater profits in relatively short period of time which in turn helps the franchise create its own brand. We hope that these points will guide you in selecting the perfect restaurant theme that offers a unique and unforgettable dining experience to your guests and results in a profitable business.

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